Five Days of Success Stories

Five Days of Success Stories

Over the next five days we will be sharing stories of what success for women means to members of our community. As a local nonprofit, some of our most valuable resources are the unique people who make this city great; we’d love for you join the conversation.

To kick off our five day conversation campaign, we’ll start with Lisa. Lisa is 28 years old, and we met her outside of J&J’s over the weekend – both of us thought that we looked like someone we knew, and through that series of double-takes, a great conversation happened.

We asked Lisa two questions: 1) What does success for women mean to you? and 2) Do you feel like women have the resources that they need in order to succeed in today’s job market? Check out what Lisa had to say, below!

Lisa, 28


Want to be part of the conversation? Email us at and tell us what success for women means to you! Or, like our Facebook page and leave us a comment in the visitor section. We can’t wait to hear from you!



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